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This house would legalise prostitution

We can think of a lot of reasons that might prove how decriminalization could reduce sex-related crimes.
That is what most sex workers want as well.
Liberty for Women,.19, 2017 "Legalisation does mercado livre escort 94 NOT reduce violence.Women and children, who are being forced against their bande annonce entre adulte will into prostitution, are afraid to go to police because they think that, they too, will be punished and arrested.Right now they spend a lot of money policing vice.Just like in any other industry, legalization of prostitution could lead to a chain effect that would significantly benefit a country primarily through tax revenue.One study that shows the correlation between legalizing prostitution and declining rape cases comes from Rhode Island, wherein they accidentally legalized prostitution.However, evidence shows that legalisation/decriminalisation only increases flows of women trafficked into the industry and provides a legitimate front for organised crime, while at the same time reducing police oversight of the industry." Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia "catwa Submission to the Legislative Council.
The spread of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/aids, and increased risk of sexual exploitation, violence, and trafficking are the most disconcerting issues why some countries choose to keep it illegal.
Furthermore, a government could also charge an annual fee to the license they provide for sex workers, brothel owners, and clients so they can continuously operate their business legally, which is also an additional income.
In places, where prostitution is illegal, sex workers are, in fact, more susceptible to sexually transmitted disease (STD) because of lack of access to healthcare and other social services.
Once legalized, sex workers would be empowered to approach a police if they are in danger or having a problem with their clients and pimps.
Ditmore,.H., 2011, Prostitution and Sex Work, Santa Barbara: Greenwood.
Agustín,., 2007, Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets, and the Rescue Industry, London: Zed Books.Prostitution has been a part of the many cultures all over the world, and it will not be easily eradicated.Sexual consent is not a commodity; sexual abuse can never be made 'safe'." Kat Banyard Founder of UK Feminista "Guest Post: 'The Sex Trade Can Never Be Made 'Safe m July 7, 2016 "Prostitution is a multimillion-dollar-a-year business in Las Vegas, and nobody gets any.4, 2016 "Prostitution is often described as a 'victimless crime or a 'consensual crime because in theory, no one present at the crime is unwilling.Barry,., 1996, The Prostitution of Sexuality, New York: New York University Press.Nussbaum,., 1999, Sex and Social Justice, Oxford: Oxford University Press.There have already been lots of studies performed and evidence gathered proving that legal prostitution reduces rape, sex violence, and other sex crimes.Prostitution should be legalized and called something less derogatory, such as 'Sex Worker' confessions of a brazilian call girl true story or 'Licensed Companions'.Max Waltman, Stockholm University, ignore the Stigma and Focus on the Need.White,., 1990, The Comforts of Home: Prostitution in Colonial Nairobi, Chicago: University of Chicago Press).