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Please see the following links: Introduction, when selecting hardware for your Exchange servers, there are many things that you must consider.
Mailbox and Multi-Role Server configurations must meet the requirements outlined in the above table to receive Microsoft support.
The Exchange 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005 SP1 combined with the Performance Troubleshooter, built in to the Exchange 2007 Management Console; can be used to determine when/if a given deployment requires additional Hub, Edge, CAS droit des prostituées or Mailbox server roles based on performance.Message Size 70KB CPU Utilization 20* * Based on a 2 socket, dual-core AMD Opteron 275.2 GHz based server.Note: This article has also been published in the official Exchange 2007 documentation.Minimum: The minimum processor/memory configuration suitable for specific Exchange 2007 server roles (also defined.Concurrency is difficult to measure since users may use multiple clients/devices and different versions of Outlook have various connection counts to the server.Client Access Server Role (CAS) In general, memory utilization on Client Access servers has a linear echange appartement hlm paris habitat relationship with the number of client connections and the transaction rate.Ken, m Support Guy.On the other hand, a 2000 Mailbox server with an Average profile can be estimated to require a 2 x Processor Core server.
Depending upon the number of memory slots in a server, this cost-efficient maximum memory configuration could be even less than 32GB (e.g.
Edge server sizing is covered next.
Exchange 2007 server hardware requirements are different than previous versions of Exchange (2003).
There are several reasons why Microsoft does not recommend maximum memory configurations for Mailbox that go beyond 32GB.
In contrast, customers running Exchange 2007 on Windows 2003 x64 Editions can efficiently utilize upwards of 32 GB of memory (Mailbox role).
You should check with the manufacturer to make sure that the memory configuration target for Exchange 2007 is compatible in terms of speed.Online Defrag Offline Maintenance (e.g.Concurrency: Concurrency is defined as the percentage of the total number of users on a server that are connected and using the server at a given peak period of time.In separate articles we will cover other critical pieces to Exchange 2007 sizing such as storage and network hardware.To accommodate the Client Access and Hub Transport server roles on the same server as the Mailbox server role, the recommended base memory configuration is.This additional processing cost is roughly 20 and should be factored in when sizing LCR Mailbox servers.It is a good idea to cluster Mailbox servers that host thousands of mailboxes to ensure that server maintenance or failures do not have a significant impact on uptime or availability.Running on Windows 2003 x64 Editions.

User Type Mailbox Memory Recommendation Light 2GB 2MB/Mailbox Average 2GB 3 ÂMB/Mailbox Heavy 2GB 5MB/Mailbox Recommended Maximum Memory Configuration for Mailbox Recent x64 based servers have the ability to scale up their memory configuration to 64GB and beyond.
As the Mailbox server processes messages, the Database Cache Size grows which increases the effectiveness of the cache and subsequently reduces the I/O footprint of the server.
32GB/Server Edge/Hub Transport Roles The Edge and Hub Transport roles do not require substantial quantities of memory to perform well in optimal conditions.