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Appendix B: Acts and prostituée st etienne Websites Provincial statutes Federal statutes Acts Canada Evidence Act (R.S., 1985,.
34 Provincial Offences Act,.S.O.
Working/Detailed Knowledge Working Suggested Methodology Pre-reading of the relevant sections of the Criminal Code including Section 494 Lecture and class discussion on how to interpret elements of the criminal code Presentation of case examples regarding critical incidents and abuse of authority Categorization exercise regarding the.
Outside class hours refer to pre-reading only; all other training methods must take place in-class.For example, security personnel were randomly selected for survey distribution within different regions of the province to ensure representation of geographic location.L.19 Occupational Health and Safety Act.S.O.Emergency Situation Outline Security guards may encounter emergency situations at a worksite.Won't you experience THE imperial difference?
The trainer provides an overview of the relationships in the security industry, including a matrix with job titles, descriptions, responsibilities and the link between them to help security guards understand when a situation is beyond their scope and who to contact in specific emergency situations.
They may have to assist other personnel (including police, fire, and ambulance) or take the lead in responding to the emergency.
Support from a knowledgeable management team.
Training content and suggested duration.
Personnel Psychology, 50, 341-358.
Private investigation, security services, loss prevention, and patrol services) Describe the occupation of a security guard with respect to the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform well Describe the job specifications, activities, and demands of a security guard (e.g.The FJA of an occupation requires input from job incumbents through a facilitated focus-group format.We start with a complete needs assessment and then implement a well designed implementation plan.Working/Detailed Knowledge Working Suggested Methodology Lecture with brief discussion Provide examples of security situations in which ohsa and whmis apply (e.g.Suggested Duration: In class: 1 hour Outside class: 1 hour Minimum Requirements Outline the ohsa Outline the whmis Outline The trainer provides a brief introduction to the ohsa and whmis.Communication difficulties, misinterpretation of gestures) and how to approach individuals in a way that minimizes miscommunication.

Table of Contents Section 1: Introduction to the Security Industry Section 2: The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct Section 3: Basic Security Procedures Section 4: Report Writing Section 5: Health and Safety Section 6: Emergency Response Preparation Section.
Note: It is recommended that the learning journal be introduced in this section if the trainer chooses to use the journal as a teaching mechanism throughout the course.
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