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Salope definition

Something inferior or worthless.
Nastavte si nahrávání, nebo si půjčte film.
Offensive slang a mean or obnoxious person, c13: of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse kunta, Middle Low German kunte.
Slut (slt).Definitions 2a and 2b are slurs and must be avoided.Usage: All of the senses listed below are vulgar slang.When the shit hits the fan When the situation goes awry; when trouble starts.An act of defecation.A narcotic or intoxicant, such as marijuana or heroin.(Animals) archaic a female dog, c14: of unknown origin sluttish adj sluttishly adv sluttishness n slut (slt).A mean or contemptible person.Shit (sht vulgar Slang.Slut - a dirty untidy woman slovenly woman, trollop, slattern slob, sloven, slovenly person, pig - a coarse obnoxious person.Shit also shat les accords de libre échange maroc pdf (sht shitting, shits.
( usually foll by on ) slang to give the worst possible treatment (to).
Often Offensive, a person considered to be sexually promiscuous.
(a contemptuous term used to refer to an unpleasant person.) 12751325; Middle English cunte,.
Cunt - a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked; "she said her son thought Hillary was a bitch" bitch disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable.
A small or worthless amount: He doesn't know shit.
Used as a disparaging term for a woman.
Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.(redirected from cunts also found in: Thesaurus, Idioms.13751425; late Middle English slutte; compare dial.Get (one's) shit together To get organized; put one's affairs or possessions in order.Lies, exaggeration, or nonsense.Also found in: Thesaurus, Idioms, Wikipedia.(a contemptuous term used to refer to a woman.).

Used for intensive effect in idioms such as scare the shit out of (someone) for scare (someone) very much.