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Prostitution legalisation pros and cons

Although it is probably not any ones desired carrier it is a fanatical transaction that would get extra money to those who need.
No one forces anyone to engage.
It is very debatable issue as to whether we must legalize prostitution.The same could be said for prostitution debate on the issue can only be healthy.We invest lot of resources in prohibiting prostitution.What about those girls and women who have no other option to earn a livelihood?Legalizing it would give opportunity to the government to regulate it stringently.Selling ones body for money is unethical and immoral.
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Clients will still be terrible people.
Many say it is social stigma and immoral.
For example every other week, if prostitutes were tested constantly then there would be minimum worry about the spread of STDs.
So instead of the prostitute giving the orders the body guard, his job would be to prevent physical injuries to the prostitute.
UK laws "make life harder for those it purports to protect by precluding the possibility of establishing informal networks of self-regulation and protection" argues Luke Gittos, law editor for.It is a profession and is voluntary.Prohibiting prostitution does not stop such services, but rather pushes these activities underground.What I learned is that hardly any other issue stirs up quite as much passion and emotion.Unfortunately the Dutch sex industry has, since legalization, been infiltrated by violent gangs and the country is now a hub for international trafficking and drugs gangs.The Right of Women organisation says current legislation "enshrines men's right to buy women" and fuels echange des liens sex trafficking by criminal gangs.The Lancet which shows that decriminalising prostitution would help lower rates of sexually transmitted infections, particularly HIV/Aids.Breaking The Taboo, it was to spark debate on a topic that was misunderstood due to a lack of informed public discourse about the failed war on drugs.Legalizing will simply increase the temptation of human trafficking and drug abuse.Many countries in the world have a legal and regulated prostitution and still feature high on the Human Development Index.Termed as an unhealthy appendage of our society, it has always been given a low status and many have even escorteur surcouf tried to abolish this profession.It will also make sure that sex workers keep themselves healthy.Those who dont learn from history are doomed to repeat.

So we can see that even legalization has not helped the women engaged in prostitution.
Commodifies women without the benefit of a two-year contract from Maybelline.
With that in mind, what are your views?