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Notion anglais espace et echange mondialisation

Decolonisation (UK) decolonization (US se libérer de, to free oneself from.
How exchanges in this modern world contribute to evolution of our society?
Pour lépreuve de LV1, il peut être proposé un nouveau document, en relation avec le thème de la site echangiste totalemen gratuit forul partie compréhension écrite, il permettra de contextualiser et nourrir lexpression écrite.Les échanges de toutes sortes, les «emprunts» de langue à langue, de culture à culture en littérature, dans les arts, les sciences, les techniques, la philosophie, la religion, les institutions politiques et sociales et plus généralement dans les usages"diens, ont pris une nouvelle ampleur.That why I think immigration or gap year contribute on that.On the echange camionnette contre voiture point of globalization, there are positives and negatives impacts.War on immigration in the.I know that Im not in position to judge responsible.
Global economy : advantages and disavantages.
Oedical level viruses havuicker propagation AND this IS alsery negative AND dangerous impact ON THE earth population.
Immigration to USA belongs to five hundred years ago, with фармер libertine Christopher Columbus.
What ieal problem IN MY opinion IS that depending IF YOU live ieveloped oeveloping country, YOU DO NOT have THE same standards OF living; globalization allows THE goods TO BE more accessible BUT THE standards OF living remain (demeurent).FirstLY,I would like TO underline THE fact that globalization is a good thing because is offers a greater chance for people in developing countries to increase their standard of living, there is a greater access to foreign culture in the form of movies, music, food.I think this notion is very present today in our life, because this world is moving all the time and really quickly.But, the acknowledged benefits that accrue to some segments of our society must be weighed against the inequalities that globalization creates in others.Lespace peut évoluer et prendre des contours variés : réappropriation des espaces symboliques, perte des repères dans les villes mondes, invention de nouveaux modèles déchanges, constitution de grands ensembles régionaux, espaces réels, espaces virtuels.Myself I contribute to the globalization and thus inequality.These networks make it easier for us to stay in touch with friends and family abroad, they open up borders and enable us to communicate with people abroad.Miscellaneous, modern-day Communication brings more exchanges between people.A possible definition of this notion is the deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies.

First, I will talk about globalization, which has the most important impact in our life.
In fact, the globalization implies an access, for companies and consumers, to products from different countries, and the knowledge of those.