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Latex libertine package options

latex libertine package options

It is now possible to rotate table cells and also whole tables by any angle, not only.
For a detailed description see the specific manual PDF comments in LyX's Help menu.This allows to use some fine-tuning math commands like mathclap, coloneqq.The options oldstyle and lining won't work with the old package - so it's kind of a shame that osf and nf are coqui coqui mexico broken.XeTeX, it is now possible to write documents in the languages.What is new in LyX.1?
For example, "PackageOptions natbib square" will cause natbib to be loaded with the option: square.
It still suggests only infinite forms, though.
For most purposes, simply add usepackagelibertine to the preamble of your document.
I thought that everything not put into.
If you don't, you might have to select the font weight and shape manually (after the font-family) with: fontseriesm Choose from m (medium b (bold) and sb (semibold) fontshapei Choose from n (normal it (italic) and sc (small-caps).
The packages and font-names have changed, now you can use one of the following: the first is for old-style figures.Support for multiple text columns via the module Multiple Columns.The support files were created using autoinst.The caption inset is now customizable.LyX supports now captions in longtables that are unlabeled.The support files are licensed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License.Table enhancements When the cursor is inside a table, rows and columns can now be moved/swapped either with the shortcut Alt arrow key or the corresponding table toolbar buttons.For details look into the doc directory of the distribution or at nuxlibertine.

One of the advantages of the new approach, besides the uniform look and feel, is that you can now easily switch between different caption types of a class via the context menu.
The fact that the osf option doesn't work seems to be a bug, as they list it in the documentation (nf is also broken).
Poll (gillian at linuxlibertine.