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I plan to keep looking, but I have found no discussion of the origin of the term in Gagné's book.
YoSoyGuapo 03:47, 2 November 2007 (UTC) You are still trolling, and you're still stalking.
It literally means ' Daughters of the King, with no ambiguity to the term, as they were primarily orphans (having lost at least one parent) who were recruited to be colonists for New France, which at the time had an incredible imbalance between single men.I would want to keep the article titled King's Daughters.Gagné's book has biographical sketches on 262 women (as opposed to the 768 bios in his earlier work I picked it up because twelve of my ancestors were in it, as opposed to only eight filles du Roi.They gave me a wrist ban and then I was able to pass the rotating gate as you see in subway stations to prevent unpaid people from advancing.I assume that should be the 17th century?These same books also discuss Nouvelle-France - Ian Furst ( talk ) 12:51, (UTC) All 3 of these refs are discussing the daughters of various Kings (in the literal sense).( talk ) 22:26, (UTC) Please Remove Redirect edit Currently, a search for "Daughters of the King" redirects to this page.As for the reference to Namibian prostitutes (an unrelated and obscure topic that no one considered worthy traduction prostitution anglais of discussion before there is one googled article cited by another editor.Really, this problem is easily handled by demanding reliable sources and following Wikipedia policy.Centre Erotique de Montreal in rue Sainte-Catherine Est and Club Downtown at Saint-Catherine Ouest both offer a bed dance.(I thought the women were sent to Canada merely to be brides.) Since I am certain thousands of people look at this article and review it often, the term must be correct.
Meters ( talk ) 00:21, (UTC) It is my recollection that the term was contemporaneous with the Marriageable Girls themselves and was applied to both sets of women.
But it could draw from this one once again.
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He is a DAR ally "Patriot" of the American Revolution, because Zenon ran Spanish service agents amongst the Indians for Gov.
So anyone wanting to change the article, the burden is on you to find reliable sources for that claim.
They might be slightly more risky than a Go Go girl but not much.The Show Park Market is probably the most non intimidating from any place I have been.We'd probably be treading into a swamp of "Original Research" if we were to.I am not a native speaker of English so I might be confused by the term, but I had not previously read anything anywhere that made me believe that these women were brought to Canada for what Wikipédia calls « human traffic, ».e.Possibly, but it probably isnt the reason.Hopefully these pro tips for Beach Road prostitutes in Pattaya helped you figure out whether to give it a go or not.

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