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Escort passport 360 review

My first test took me to the closest strip mall, which have historically been a allemande echangiste major pain in the sides of detector users due to their motion-sensing doors and frivolous radar emissions.
Although fairly dripping with potential, much of that remains unrealized by unfortunate design choices and iffy execution.
The Escort Live app notifies you of local threats in real time.
The upper housing is also festooned with large white graphics, which similarly cast reflections into the windshield.Features, the Max 360 has a large footprint and with two metal antennae, it's also heavy.Costs about 150, so if youre willing to shell out hundreds more on a radar detector to avoid them, itd better be a good one.Sure enough, the 360 remembered my inputs the next time around, reducing alert level down to a silent gray popup on the screen.Brand new: lowest price 625.17 189.35 Addl.Unfortunately, the arrows can be slightly hard to read with sun shining directly on them.See details, see all 10 brand new listings.By Posted on March 25, 2016 - 4:42PM.25.16 - 4:42PM.Yes, the average ticket may only cost 150 or so, but as any stoplight racer will tell you, that can add up quick.
More importantly, its main rival, the Valentine One, can be had for significantly less coin.
Its essentially the same DSP chip used in the.
Stray north of that and it shrieks.
In contrast, the Max 360 comes with features like an Overspeed Alert factory-set at 70 mph.
There is a third-party YaV1 app available, but it only works on Android phones, and it doesnt offer community connectivity like Escort Live does.
Good audible alerts, hot K-band performance, con.If you drive in the city or other crowded areas often, you will absolutely love these features.False positives are rare thanks to the Valentine Ones exceptional filtering of car collision avoidance systems, which are known for confusing lesser radar detectors to the point of rendering them unusable.The speed nanny can be disabled, but only by burrowing into the User Preferences menu and changing the settings.Only Escorts automate this task; to avoid patent infringement, competiting models require the user to press a button to lock out a signal.These operate on the same K-band frequency used by police radar and have become a huge headache for detectors.On my first pass, the Escort sang the song of its people loudly and proudly, but as I continued to drive by over the coming days, the alerts went away completely.