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Escort mission far cry 4

escort mission far cry 4

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Tag enemies with your camera before you take on large groups.
Reign Of Death - 10 GamerScorePoints - Kill 30 enemies with Mortar rounds (Campaign only).
Infinite XP and money: Enter the nom metier prostituée "Shanath Training Ground" outpost from the east.Shipping Outpost (coordinates X: 393.7, Y: 503.5 near the starting area of the game.My bow is drawn, arrow nocked, and to the edge of the screen somewhere, I can hear a vaguely familiar sound.By, staff, november 25, 2014November 25, 2014, far Cry 4 black screen patch.4.0 which was delayed last weekend has now been released.You will end up in a room with a shrine and a table.
You can begin making choices that will affect your next missions which will in turn provide you with a different ending.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community then search for the game hub that corresponds to Far Cry.
Rajgad Gulag : X:811, Y:795.
Kyra Tea Weigh Station: X: 345, Y: 378 coordinates Open Hearts Clinic: X: 387, Y: 674 coordinates Pokhari Ghara: X: 552, Y: 748 coordinates Royal Raksi BrewerY: X: 554, Y: 535 coordinates Sahi Jile Checkpoint: X: 669, Y: 764 coordinates Tirtha: X: 499, Y: 371.After that cutscene ends, you will be at a table with Pagan Min.It'd be a perfectly serviceable story, if Far Cry 3 (and to a lesser extent the follow-up Blood Dragon) hadn't poisoned the well and turned the series into meta commentary.Easy "Tread Lightly" achievement: There are a total of 24 Outposts.Simply repeat this process to farm.At the Kyrat International Airport, go to the northwest edge of the airfield and enter the warehouse.You can also use this same method at any predator location (bears, bengal tigers, etc.) to quickly increase your Karma meter.Over the noise of the tiger and the birds and the guards in the outpost, I can't quite place this extra sensory input.Storage and find the journal on top of a table.There are three categories of hunting missions, Control, Supplies And Survival.Fast travel back to the homestead, and the garden will be fully restocked with valuable plants.The journal is on the table in front.You will find the crash site up the path, and Pagan Min's body nearby.