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Escort max2 vs valentine one

Go to Amazon and buy a Max360 there.
Mounts While the Max360 is large, I find any size issues to be more due to the mount than the detector itself.
Display brightness is multi-step-adjustable or a photocell will do the job automatically.I found this surprisingly useful, and often easier to read and less distracting than looking down to see my cars speedometer.The V1 always automatically scans.8ish, even if you dont specifically tell it to sweep that frequency range.In my little Miata, the Max360 blocks some of my visibility looking out.The arrows themselves are a little different.Both cost hundreds of dollars.A change of operating modes requires a leisurely.1 seconds, for instance, while both Escorts accomplished that task.2 second.If you do, youll be paying more than full price ( click here if you want to see plus youll get no warranty.It just means escort cambrai that you dont have the same level of protection you would from a better performing detector, particularly in tougher situations.Overall Comparison (Cliff Notes the V1 is a very solid performer, but it doesnt have a whole ton of modern features built in such as a standalone package.
And because Mike Valentine is still stuck in the 80s, it took the ingenuity of one of their customers to develop something that comes close to doing this, the YaV1 app.
Keep in mind unless you pay top dollar, expect to hear a lot of chirping échange de maison espagne québec due to false alerts and low detection range.
Bluetooth capabilities are also important, which allows your radar detector to collaborate with a variety of smart phone apps.Not only will you be better able to select the best product for you, but youll find you get better results as youll be better equipped to handle and properly use the detector in real-life scenarios.Ability to mark your own hotspots and points of interest.The bump in insurance premiums is no joke, and for that alone, it is worth the extra cash for a higher-end detector.The Maxs cord has buttons that can be used to mute an alert or to mark a location.And it's quick to respond, faster than either of the Escorts.The Defender Database requires a subscription after an initial trial period (3 months) so keep this in mind if you plan to use this feature.

Valentine has held a patent on the feature and Escort has long said that you dont need arrows if you have better filtering because the detector will stay quiet if its a false alert and beep if its real.
Because of this the Passport Max360 offers these additional benefits: Provide fixed photo enforcement camera alerts.
Provide known speed trap alerts, ability to lock out know false alert locations based upon exact location and frequency.