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Escort 7500 radar detector

escort 7500 radar detector

(Hover and click on a star), aug 16, 2003 que valent les logiciels messanger des sites de plan cul richard, model Reviewed: passport 7500.
Other programmable features include a standard or fast exchange moto e power-up sequence, and a standard meter display or an expert display for seasoned operators.
Detects ALL radar AND laser.The Passport 7500 is available from Escort ( m for 229.95.Amazingly, the Passport 7500 can display radar warnings for up to eight different sources simultaneously, identifying the band and signal strength of each signal.Both keep the detector dark, but don't include the nifty display screen that makes the Passport 7500 so cool.OLD stuck IN garage.The latter is a program feature that can be switched on or off; when on, AutoMute will signal an alert at full volume and then revert immediately to a lower volume.We used the Passport 7500 on our recent M coupe road trip to Vermont (Roundel, December 1998).I don't know; we were not equipped for that kind of testing.
Thankfully, not all areas have this stuff; most detectors simply think it's a K band radar, which can be quite an eye-opener at 100 mph.
The programmable features continue with standard or loud tones, three different levels of city mode sensitivity - including the ability to shut down the X band completely, and safety radar warning and safety alert systems.
Open BOX, never used.Here's where the inevitable comparison with the Passport 7500's closest competitor, the Valentine One, comes into play.But one thing did become clear: The Valentine One detects lots of radar signals from an amazing distance - including non-police radar sources - even in its full logic mode, which is akin to Passport's AutoSensitivity mode.Lots of local police departments still use old-fashioned X and K band radar guns handed down from veteran officers to rookies - with admonitions not to rest the gun next to the family jewels.Model Reviewed: Passport 7500, jan 11, 2002 jim sullivan, model Reviewed: 2001 escort passport 7500, aug 14, 2000.New (other lowest price 115.00.46 Addl.We weren't equipped to do any comparison testing or range-of-warning measurement, so this review is purely subjective.But it works quite well.Deciphering this display, especially in a multiple bogey situation, requires some experience.