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Cute names to call a girl best friend

Sweetness A great pet name for a genuinely nice guy.
Casanova Ideal for a sexy and romantic man in your life.Cuddly Bear Ideal for a guy wholl snuggle with you all day long.Avoid nicknames with a sexual innuendo in public like hot stuff 5).My Knight A cute name for a chivalrous gentleman.Rocky A cute name for a plucky underdog type.Its okay if you didnt find any you like above and you cannot soiree echange think of many to use, thats what we are here for and that is the exact reason we have laid out 200 more pet names right here, right now, that you can.Baby Cakes, a cute name for all those cake lovers out there.
Cheese ball Although it is something eatable it signified cuteness and sweetness 35).
Good Looking This one gets straight to the point.
G-Man He may not work for the FBI, but he is a gorgeous man!
Pooh Bear As in Winnie the Pooh.
Read on for ideas and inspiration!
Darling Straightforward but from the heart.Chiquito For an exotic little guy.Gorgeous Think your fellas gorgeous?Cuddly If she is particularly cuddly 46).Dumpling Perfect for a tasty guy.Bad Boy, if your boyfriends a rebel, this name will suit him well!Sweetie A simple pet name, but a classic for a reason.Pumpkin Your boyfriends probably not orange or round, but this is still an adorable pet name.The Love of My Life This one needs no explanation.Boobear, a good variation on Boo and as cute as hell.Doll This guys your perfect plaything.Pickle Youll want to bite right into this pickle.Candy If you find her sweet and delectable 34).Cowboy This man in your life is wild and rugged.

Snuggler A guy who smuggles snuggles.
Goldie The same as golden 75).