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of his love and secret.
While hiding in the Jundland Wastes in his later years, he appeared as a kindly and eccentric old hermit (or, in Owen Lars' words, "That wizard is just a crazy old man to those not familiar with the ways of the Jedi.Upon learning that the pilot responsible for destroying the superweapon was his son, Luke Skywalker the child he assumed had died with AmidalaVader formulated a plot to overthrow the Emperor by turning the nascent Jedi to the dark side.10 Kenobi meets Anakin Skywalker.In French Canada, the name was reverted to "Darth Vader" for materials from Revenge of the Sith onwards.Nevertheless, they managed to get to the extraction point on time, even with Sobeck's rencontre femme salope le nouvion en thierache intervention, and flee on Plo Koon's rescue shuttle, with Saesee Tiin doing cover fire to allow their escape back to Coruscant.While looking for it, Jinn discovered Anakin Skywalker, from whom he retrieved a blood sample and had the data sent to Kenobi on the ship.To settle the conflict between the Pantorans and the Talz, Chuchi met with Thi-Sen, establishing an agreement that allowed the Talz to live in peace on the planet.Early in the battle, Kenobi's light cruiser was caught in a tractor beam from Grievous's ship and boarded by the cyborg General himself.
Along with the Council, Kenobi agreed that Tano should rejoin the Order and was present when Windu and Yoda proclaimed her to be a true Jedi, worthy of becoming a Jedi Knight, only for her to refuse readmission.
Kenobi then turned his comlink on so that Skywalker and Ahsoka could hear the fact that the Zygerrian had several bombs planted throughout the city.
Considering this possibility, Windu sent Rex and Commander Cody to take a squad, and Clone Force 99, behind enemy lines to infiltrate a Separatist cyber center while Skywalker and him held the line.To do so, he allowed himself to be shot by a sniper, Rako Hardeen, in front of Skywalker and Tano, who then believed him to be dead.223 However, when Ren changed quarters from the Finalizer to Snoke's flagship the Supremacy, he left Vader's charred helmet behind him because he wasn't ready to face Vader's "visage" until he recovered from his failure at the Starkiller Base.75 Kenobi then went into the tower and interrupted D'Nar's meeting with Dooku and Zygerrian Prime Minister Atai Molec to negotiate terms of surrenderthe Republic's surrender.Soon, Kenobi arrived and Skywalker left him trapped at the well, claiming to have seen the truththat it was the Jedi who would stand in the way of peace.Vader marched to the Star Destroyer's bridge and Force choked Taa for a short time, informing him of the traitor in his staff that had been responsible for the assault on the Perilous." Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker Listen ( file info ) src Anakin Skywalker was a gifted, yet unorthodox Jedi Knight who rose to prominence during the Clone Wars.To Vader's frustration, R2-D2 gained the support of Skywalker, the Millenium Falcon and the Volt Cobra who gave enough covering fire to help them all escape.He then confronted Synata, who had her own real lightsaber.Vader warned the Hutt to not let the Kowakian monkey-lizard do that again in his presence if he valued Crumb's life; Jabba merely laughed and told Vader he now regarded him as a "good friend." The Hutt then inquired whether his bounty hunters were adequately.Lee-Char then contacted Tarkin, notifying him of the surrender.Ordering his children to kill Tano and Kenobi, the Father goaded Skywalker into choosing between his master and his apprentice, but Skywalker instead controlled the two beings, bringing them to their knees.

Back at the Jedi Temple, Skywalker reported her disobedience to the Council, which, for her transgression, relegated her to guard duty at the Jedi Archives.