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Aion exchange daevanion armor

Can you get them?
I told you that if you just to vibbo las palmas ford escort to a girl called eddy golden Perena, she'll get you everything that you need.Bor, Weapon exchange Priest).Weapon Exchange, if youre looking to exchange a weapon, the weapon NPC is in the same room, and you also need.Just pick whichever one you like the most.Great battles, daring rescues.I'm sure you've already had quite a few adventures, right?
Re: Exchange ap armor?
Hurry back to me when you've purchased them, and don't forget that you'll need to buy names to call a girl cat ten!
Talk to Sibylla (Narvi for Asmodians) and she will give you an option to Exchange Regular Daevanion Armor.
Do you have the Divine Lamps?
Give them to me, and I'll get the armor I've been holding for you.
It's custom fitted to the wearer, and nearly impossible to find anywhere else.Talk to Aithra (Bor for Asmodians next to the High Priest, and she will give you an option to exchange Regular Daevanion Weapon.Make it a temp.You will be asked which kind of weapon you have for exchange (magical or physical weapon) and what sub-type of weapon specifically (sword, greatsword, staff, polearm, etc.).I'm going to need to send him 10 Divine Lamps in payment for each of these armor pieces.Yes, I've received several pieces of a fantastic new Daevanion armor.You can also exchange a shield here.Your next destination is also in Sanctum (Pandaemonium) inside the Training District (the area with all class trainers for lvl 1-25).Thanks again, and may you always Soar in the Light.This is the exchange process and you will be asked which type and piece of armor you want to exchange.M/ - My blog.The results will be worth your trouble, I promise.You've become quite the successful userclass, haven't you?